Hi, I'm Tim

I like to dabble in all things related to programming, and occasionally I write about what I’m up to.

That time of the year

It’s that time of the year. The I-should-create-a-blog time of the year.

Nearly two years ago, at the beginning of 2014, I figured it was time to get into the blogging game. I did some research on what the most popular static site generator was and ended up with Jekyll. I found a theme I liked and spent some time tweaking it. I wrote my first blog post, about Cycript.

And that was it. I left the blog to gather dust on my machine, never seeing the light of day the internet.

In january of 2015, I wrote a second blog post - this time about an iOS debugging tip. I now had two posts, surely this was the time to publish the blog!

Nope. Never happened.

Which brings us to this post. As I said, it’s that time of the year again. I tried to get my old blog running (or rather generated) again, but I was met with:

$ jekyll serve
Configuration file: /Users/timandersson/Development/Web/Jekyll/personal_blog/_config.yml
            Source: /Users/timandersson/Development/Web/Jekyll/personal_blog
       Destination: /Users/timandersson/Development/Web/Jekyll/personal_blog/_site
I, [2016-01-04T21:59:42.024583 #78054]  INFO -- : Celluloid 0.17.2 is running in BACKPORTED mode. [ http://git.io/vJf3J ]
jekyll 2.5.3 | Error:  wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)

I spent some time wrestling with different incantations of rvm and gem but quickly grew tired of trying to get it to work. I was close to giving up on my dream of becoming a blogger. Then, a couple of days ago, I stumbled across Hugo. It was easy to setup and I quickly found a theme I liked using their theme showcase. It even led to me creating my very first pull request.

I ported my two blog posts from the Jekyll format to the format used by Hugo and started writing this post. Will I ever get around to publishing the blog?

I hope so.